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Musketeers Garrison: The Garrison & Musketeers Cemetery

One of or maybe the most important set is probably the Garrison (with the Musketeers cemetery right around the corner). We were lucky enough to be able to see it the first time we were there (usually the set is closed) and it is really cool to see. If you don’t know they just built it in there for the show, you wouldn’t even realize that it’s not a real part of the whole complex (it’s the same with all the other sets they’ve built in there - amazing work).

By the way, third screencap from the top on the right side: Luke did his ice bucket challenge about 10 metres to the right of where they’re walking. ;)

the musketeers


Romeo et Juliette 25 Day ChallengeDay 9 – Favorite Mercutio

I was really going to go ahead and say Philippe D’Avilla, but I’m sure you’re all sick of my French bias, so here’s the lovely Zoli to save the day.

There is literally nothing I don’t like about Zoli. To me, he is perfection and sex personified. His Mercutio bled dammit, and it felt so human to me, even through the language barrier and I loved every minute of it. He’s crude and hilarious, but so very moving and I can’t even place why.

The man oozes talent.

bereczki zoltán


Uhhhh…. what?

No, seriously, what??

[Video shows Szabo and Bereczki awkwardly listening to a bad Lehetz Király and it’s hilarous

ó istenem

02:08 Zoli: “Megtanuljuk a szöveget, figyeljetek. Picit át van írva…” XD

03:12 Szili: “Én még elhallgatnám.” “Én úgy vettem észre ez még így is tapsos volt. tehát nem ember függő, hogy ki csinálja.” ”Igazgató úr fel is ajánlott egy szerződést, egyenlőre egy próbaidőszakos ötéves szerződést”
Zoli: “Úgyhogy ha, itt van köztünk…”
Szili: “Gyere föl…”

kész végem meghaltam a röhögéstől

rómeó és júlia